The retirement of Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand and the legacy that he and the late Sheriff Harry Lee have left behind serves to emphasize the absolute importance public safety is to any community.  Quality of life suffers and economic vitality is diminished when a community is not perceived as safe due to high rates of crime.  Because of the efforts of Sheriffs Lee and Normand and the dedicated women and men who served in their departments, Jefferson Parish residents and business owners have been able to take for granted a safe environment over many years.

The emphasis placed on new technology by Sheriff Normand has kept his department in the forefront of the never ending battle against crime.  No community is without crime, however Jefferson Parish residents and businesses could always feel comfortable in knowing that response times would be swift and apprehension of offenders would come at a very high rate, sending a message to the criminal element that this was not a place for them to ply their trade.  There are no physical barriers that keep those responsible for high rates of crime experienced by our neighbor to the east out of our parish, only the reputation of our sheriff’s department as being effective in response and apprehension creates that barrier.  Sheriffs Lee and Normand and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department officers have set the tone for that reputation to be well established.

We, the membership of the Jefferson Business Council, wish Sheriff Normand the best as he takes on a new career.  Our families and businesses have been safer because of his leadership over many years.  Thank you Sheriff and also  those who serve in the JPSO.

Tony Ligi

Executive Director

Jefferson Business Council