Small local businesses are the backbone of the Jefferson Parish economy. Right now, they need your help. Show some local love to your favorite #JeffParish shops, restaurants and businesses to support them during the pandemic.

73% of businesses in Jefferson Parish employ 10 people or less.  Small enterprises make up 53% of the Jefferson Parish workforce and account for $4.39B in annual payroll. The Jefferson Parish economy runs on small local businesses.  Right now, small businesses – and their employees – are experiencing the impact of COVID-19 on a large scale.

[YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] is proud to partner with the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO), Jefferson Parish and regional business organizations to launch a new initiative to support to support local businesses in the wake of COVID-19. Spend Local JP aims to raise awareness about the positive and far-reaching impacts of championing Jefferson Parish businesses.

To help these businesses maintain profitability and keep their employees working, [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]joined forces with a coalition of local business organizations to develop a coordinated brand and multi-tiered marketing strategy to lift small local business up in the face of these challenging times. The campaign features a vibrant logo, colorful graphics and actionable messaging. It will span traditional and digital advertising platforms while also providing opportunities for community engagement on social media and beyond.

The Spend Local JP campaign reminds residents that when they spend their money in local businesses, they’re not only investing in a Jefferson Parish brand they love, they’re investing in their community. For every dollar spent in a local business, approximately 67 cents stays in the community to fund schools, infrastructure and essential government services.  Choosing to spend locally can keep food on the table for friends, family members and neighbors while also improving the quality of life in Jefferson. All of this will work together to ensure that the Jefferson Parish economy and community come back stronger after the pandemic.

In order for this campaign to be effective, we need your assistance. Please help spread the word – through social media and within your networks. In the coming weeks and months, there will be opportunities to spotlight our small local businesses through a variety of opportunities: podcasts, video, e-newsletters and more. We will be following up to seek recommendations for participation.

The Spend Local JP Campaign is supported by the following organizations and businesses: JEDCO, Jefferson Parish, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson Business Council, Jefferson Parish Schools, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson Convention & Visitors Bureau, New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana, Metairie Business Development District, Elmwood Business Association, Westbank Business & Industry Association, Deep Fried Advertising, Outfront Media, Clearview City Center and Lakeside Shopping Center.

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