The Jefferson Business Council, an organization consisting of 59 major Jefferson Parish business owners and chief executive officers, has voted to support the renewal of two expiring transit millages that will be on the October 14th ballot. One of the millages, which is 2 mills currently funds 52% of the operations and maintenance of Jefferson Transit (JeT) which services over 2 millions riders per year on a regular basis as well as operating vehicles used during disasters which provide transportation to all riders for evacuations. The other millage, which is 1 mill, funds 87% of the operations and maintenance of the Mobility Impaired Transportation System (MITS) which serviced over 70,000 riders with disabilities in 2016. All of the transit funds generated in Jefferson Parish are used as a local match to obtain Federal Transit Administration Funding. The local match for FTA is 20% for most projects and 50% for operating assistance. Without the millage no federal funds could be utilized for operating, capital or planning.
JBC Chairman Mickal Adler stated: “A strong and pervasive system of public transportation is a critical element of the economy of Jefferson Parish. Many people rely on public transportation to get them to and from work and for various other needs. Loss of Federal funding due to an expiration of these millages would have huge negative consequences for our parish. We strongly support renewal of both millages”