The Jefferson Business Council, an organization consisting of 58 major Jefferson Parish business owners and chief executives, has announced that it will present an annual award to an outstanding teacher in the Jefferson Parish Public School System in remembrance of the late Lucien “Big Lu” Gunter” who served the organization as its executive director for several years and the Parish of Jefferson in various capacities over many years.
Jefferson Business Council Chairman, Mickal Adler, stated: “Lucien always placed the greatest priority on providing children attending public schools with the highest level of education and worked very hard to push the system in that direction. He believed that teachers are the most critical component of successfully educating students, many of whom have challenging circumstances at home. He would be very pleased that we would recognize an outstanding teacher and proud of the award being named after him.”
The organization will work with the Jefferson Parish School Board and Administration in setting up the award program which, in addition to recognition of an outstanding teacher, will include a donation to the school at which the teacher teaches for the purpose of furthering the educational experience at that school.

For more information contact Tony Ligi, Executive Director of the Jefferson Business Council at 289-3023.